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November 1, 2009

My Dad was A Man...

Of Many Talents!
Here's Dad...


Shoveling Snow...

Picked the Apples

& then made Apple Sauce!

Baked Bread!

Drove Truck...

Played Cards...

Worked for:
Sears Roebuck & Company

Took Care of A Lot of Pets

(You can see him waving in the background)
He Would Get Big Long Trees &
then Use the Chain Saw to Cut them

Then take the Axe to them, until
they were ALL the Proper Size!

He Made Leather Wallets!
Oh I loved Helping him!

Made & Flew Model

He Even was a FisherMan!

He Shared his Food!

Had a Son,
who brought-forth:
2 GrandSons &
1 Great GrandSon
Here are his:               4 Grand-Daughters
From his Oldest Daughter
& 3 Grand-Sons
From Me his Youngest Daughter

He was a Coffee Drinker with his
Favorite Daughter Esther!!

Dad cared for all of us kids,
here he's with Judi
after she had surgery
& couldn't leave her house!

Dad loved getting gifts!
Here he's opening a box from me!
He got the Hat he's wearing
plus some other stuff...

If Dad was around today,
He would:
Stop by for some coffee...
Tell me everything will be okay...
Enjoy petting our puppies...
Tell Mom that he's here for her...
Make Mom's Chai Tea...
Cut the Grass...
Rake the Leaves...
& Would be watching TV
while petting Betsy their
beloved Puppy!
Dad, I Miss You!


  1. Great Post Chrissy! Great Photos. I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Thank You Very Much Kenley!! You made me feel good about posting these pictures. I almost took them down the other day, because of a phone call I received, but when I saw your post, I knew all was well... Thanks Again!


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