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November 22, 2009

It's been a Year Today...

Dear Dad,
     It's been a year ago today since you started your journey home with Jesus. Mom really misses you - along with all of us kids... Do you remember the brace I had to wear when I was little? Here's a picture of Mom holding me, in the back yard, while I was wearing 'em. How about the Teddy Bear? Do you remember that little Black & White Teddy Bear you gave me the day I was born? I still have it you know! Here I am with it when I was around 7 years old...

Do you remember when we went to South of the Border such a long time ago? Here's a picture of You, Susie, & I next to that Mexican Man Statue. I think it was the time we went down to visit Sam, when he was in the Marines... But look here's another photo, of that same Mexican Statue, but this time Susie & I are with Mom & your Blue Chevy Pick-up! Do you remember during the drive down in 1984, Susie & I slept in the back part? We had Walkie-Talkies, so we could talk to you & Mom. But of course, Susie & I were too busy trying to get all the truckers to honk their horns! Wow! That trip to Walt Disney World was Awesome!

Here's another photo of Me, You, & Mom, before Greg & I got married. I never would have thought you would be gone before my kids got married.  But I guess none of the Grandkids have gotten married yet, let alone mine!

     Oh Dad, Mom Really Misses You! We all do!

Wow! Such a Long Time Ago!

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  1. I was by your grave again today, it's nice to sit & chat with you, while I drink my cappuccino. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy seeing the Red Flowers with Gold Glitter trim, that me & someone else left for you, along with the other red flowers that yet someone else left for you... Dad, it's actually really nice to have you so close by, I know when you hear me, because that cute little squirrel comes right up to the patio door & just sits, until our dogs start barking!! LOL I wish things were different, but the Good Lord has a reason for everything that happens, so Catch ya Later Dad... & Thanks for stopping by tonight!


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