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November 21, 2009

Husband's Childhood Heinz 57 Dog...

I came across this photo & just had to post it!
This is Cyril...
She was a Wonderful Pet!
She would hide under the bed & Shake,
during thunderstorms!
She would Howl - In Tune,
when we sang Happy Birthday or America the Beautiful!
We always enjoyed her sitting on our lap!

Now of course, the story behind her, is this:
My husband, then only 4 or 5 years old, had gone to the local Catholic Church Fair, where the Church had several Puppies to be given away in a raffle. My husband wanted a puppy so bad, he went up to Every Single Nun & asked them to pray that he would win a puppy! When he finally won, the first several he picked were going to get bigger than his parents wanted, so he kept having to go back, finally there was only one puppy left. She was so tiny & so cute, his parents couldn't say no! Of course, on the way home, the puppy, at that point named Cyril, took a little trip up over his Grandmothers' shoulder & to the back of the car, next to the window. Where she found a puzzle book & did her duty on it! Oh what a Good Girl! LOL
Here's a photo of my husbands Grandmother (Nana) with Cyril & my sister-in-laws dog: Baby!

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