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November 4, 2008

Do you have a Corner Lip Sore?

Corner Lip Sore, Angular Cheilitis, Perleche, Cracked Lip, Inflammatory Lesion, Lip Ulcer, Split lip, Bleeding Lip, or Lip Crust

Whatever you call it, It Hurts & Looks Nasty!

The First thing you have to do is to:
Stop Licking you lips
Stop Using Lipstick
Stop Using Lip Gloss
Stop Using Lip Balm
Stop Using Aloe Vera
Stop UsingVaseline

Next Gather:
A box of Alcohol Swabs or bottle of Rubbing Alcohol; A Box of Q-Tips; & A Tube of Neosporin

Now for the Treatment:

1) Open an Alcohol Swab & apply it to the affected area or apply Rubbing Alcohol with a Q-Tip...
(This will Kill the Bacteria)
(You may even use the Alcohol Swabs that contain Benzocaine which is a Pain Reliever, Antiseptic – Anesthetic)

2) Remove Alcohol Swab & allow to air dry for a few Seconds

3) Apply Neosporin on a clean Q-Tip
& Apply it on the affected area
(Apply Several times a day – After cleaning again with Alcohol)
(The Neosporin will continue to kill the bacteria and heal the cuts that have formed without scarring.)
(Always keep the area clean before applying.)

4. The infection should subside within
a few days or up to a week.
(In more serious case, see a doctor.)

Here are more photos of Corner Lip Sores:

Please feel free to Comment on your experiences!


  1. OMG - I can't believe this worked! I had my sore for months & I tried all sorts of stuff! I never even thought of using Neosporin! It worked like a charm! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  2. Thank you so much Chrissy! I get these sometimes & I never know what to do to get rid of them, and so they last for months! But not this time! I thought I would do some research & found your blog... I did exactly what you said & boom, 4 days later it was GONE!!! Thank you so Much!!


  3. So glad you got rid of them, they hurt & look gross! I'll never forget this cure!

  4. Thanks! I had no idea what it was at the corner of my mouth, and was really worried I'd caught cold sores somehow. From the pictures I saw on the Internet, I could tell that this wasn't. I've never had anything like this before, so I had no idea what it was or what to do. I even did something I knew was dead wrong, but I had a job interview, so I put *eek* makeup on it. Anyway, thanks for your help and tips...it's a great relief to see that this is easily treatable.

  5. can i use this even if i have allergic reactions to such drugs? i want to get rid of it! i't annoying to death!

  6. Why would you even think you could use something your allergic to?? If you're allergic, you'll need to touch base with your Doctor...

  7. Trying it rite now the achohol Burman lol


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