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March 15, 2008

Craft Lite Cutter

   In January of this year, my Mom sent this web-site to me in an e-mail, She told me that Dad had bought this for her, for Christmas! After watching the video many times, I finally ordered it on  March 1st & received it in just over a week! I've tried it so many times, I think I can tell you, I Love It!!! It adds style and flair to all my projects, Scrapbooks, Greeting cards, Book-Marks, & even my Hand Written Letters now look Great! Thanks to the Craft-Lite Cutter!!!

   I used to have a ton of those special scissors, which worked fine, but when I got this, I sold all my awkward scissors on eBay! It’s the first sliding trimmer with a built-in light that I've ever seen! There’s even a fold down guide to hold my paper in place and a swing out ruler to ensure my cuts are perfect, in any direction. No more mistakes or ruined projects for me, that's for sure! --- Ditch the scissors, these cutters are Awesome!!!

Just slide the rolling blade for unrestricted, accurate cutting. The retracting blade makes it safer than scissors, so it’s ideal for school projects. Plus, it’s great for photos, scrapbook embellishments, paper and other materials.

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